Hi, My name is Payal Patra
I'm a Full stack Web Developer.

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Hey There ! My Name is payal patra.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from CV Raman Global University.
I have serious passion for Full Stack Web Development with an intense desire to adopt latest technologies to build responsive web applications and create amazing digital experience.


Rapyd Payment System

This is a Fullstack Payment Platform that supports sending and recieving of payments. This application uses Rapyd payment APIs to handle the payments of the user.

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Food Ordering System

This application has 3 roles. The Customer can register and Order any Food item, access all his past orders but can not access the orders of other customers. The admin can access the orders and information of all the users. It also stores sessions/cookies.

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Pharmacy Application

This is a Mern-Stack application. The user can shop for medicines according to their desired category. This application also supports bank payments for buying products.

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This is basically a clone of the well-known E-commerce website Amazon. It uses Firebase for User Authentication. The specialty of this clone is it uses 3 different styling methods.

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Memory Bank

This is a MERN stack application. This is like a social media app where you can create your own post like, edit, and delete the existing posts. The interface of the application may look simple but it has all the important functionalities.

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This is a Full-stack Chat Application that resembles Whatsapp with google authentication. Any user can log in with their Google account and Create a Room for conversation.

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